Himalayan Apple Growers Society, India is a group of progressive apple growing farmers in the Himalayan states of India, popularly known as HAGS. The society was formed in 2005 and registered in the year 2009.

The main function of the society is to address and represent issues facing the apple farmers. The society is also involved in sharing knowledge and best practices amongst the members. Sharing information and latest technological developments in the field of apple production is also a area which the society is very keenly involved in.

The society also liaisons and represents various issues being faced by farmers with various government agencies. It helps in policy formation by close coordination with the government and its representatives. This helps in effective and right formation of policy, which affects the farming community at large.

Regular meetings and interactions are held with various representatives of companies and corporations dealing in products for apple farmers to ensure right products are introduced in the market after due deliberation and thorough research.

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Addressing issues concerning growers to ensure economic sustainability of Apple growing.