About HAGS

The society was formed 10 years ago, initially in Uttrakhand it was eventually registered at Rohroo, Himachal Pradesh (India). Some of the key objectives of the society have been to ensure knowledge sharing with Apple-growing farmers in the Himalayan region of India, Addressing and highlighting issues concerning Apple Growers to ensure economic sustainability in Apple growing, Bring latest technology to the doorstep of the Apple Grower and Sharing information with members about latest market trends, Industry developments and future scenario.  The society is also actively involved in representing important Grower related issues with relevant government departments for timely and effective resolution. Representing the Indian Apple growing fraternity at various International and Indian conferences, seminars and events to highlight issues plaguing the Indian Apple Growers is an active work area of the society.  The society is committed to ensure Apple growing as a profession is self sustaining and economically viable for all Apple Growing Farmers.

Working Committee

S. No. Name Designation
1 Rajeev Chauhan Chairman
2 Rajinder Chhajta Vice Chairman
3 Balwant Justa President
4 Ranvir Jhouta Vice President (Attached to Chairman)
5 Balvir Chhajta Vice President (Technical Assistance)
6 Mahijit Rathore Vice President (Media/Press)
7 Amin Chand Khandolta Gen. Secretary
8 Hardev Thakur Treasurer
9 Rajesh Dhanta Secretary (Press/ Spokesperson)
10 Mehar Singh Secretary (Truck Union/Transport)
11 Naresh Sithta Secretary (Attached to Chairman)
12 Karan Datta Secretary (Technical Assistance)
13 Ajay Azad Secretary (Administration)
14 Shiv Kumar Sharma Secretary (Attached to Chairman)
15 Vineet Sarjolta Working Secretary

Executive Committee

S. No. Name
1 Vikram Maira
2 Busher Chauhan
3 Narveer Sithta
4 Lokinder Rawat
5 Harish Kesta
6 Rajesh Chhajta
7 Naresh Jhouta
8 Lokinder Chauhan
9 Virbhader Jhouta
10 Rai Singh Ranta
11 Bhagat Singh Dhanta
12 Narender Chauhan
13 Lokpal Chauhan
14 Kanwar Singh
15 Krishan Singh
16 Subhash Thakur
17 Amit Justa
18 Lokinder Singh Bisht
19 Chiranjeev Thakur
20 Satish Ghamta
21 Kuldeep Thakur
22 Pawan Panta

Himalayan Varieties


Latest News

Addressing issues concerning growers to ensure economic sustainability of Apple growing.